CAME-Action Gimbal

  • The new CAME-Action is one of the first commercially available 3 Axis 32 bit Basecam controlled gimbals to offer brushless motors with Encoders. Encoders are often used in Robotics for highly accurate monitoring of motor position. Some of the benefits of using Encoders are to: prevent motors from losing synchronization and skipping steps, provides important information about frame and camera angles, decreases power consumption (longer battery life), increases Torque, increases precision of stabilization, and more.​

    Although Brushless Motors with Encoders have been available, the software used to control gimbals have only recently added support for Encoders. The new CAME-Action with Encoder technology is truly advanced when compared to other systems. The gimbal is constucted from an Aluminum alloy and weighs in at a very light 300 grams / 0.66 pounds (without the battery and camera) and is compatible with the GoPro 3, 3+ & 4.

    The design of the CAME-Action allows for one hand operation. The internal rechargeable batteries are fitted inside the grip handle and the built in Joystick can be used for controlling camera positions and for changing modes.

    The CAME-Action has a quick release front mounted camera plate and is tool-less for easy and fast camera mounting. The size of the CAME-Action is perfect for travel, holiday jaunt or discreet applications.

    Key Features

    • 3 Axis 32 Bit boards with Encoders
    • For Gopro4/ Gopro3+/ Gopro3, XiaoYi Sport Camera and similar sized cameras
    • Comfortable handle that is easy to use with one hand.
    • Tool-less Design Easy and Fast Camera Mounting
    • New Encoder technology is more efficient.
    • Comes with carrying case.
    • Machined Aluminum Lightweight and Durable Build Quality.
    • Lightweight for easy carrying. The net weight of the CAME-Action is only 300 grams / 0.66 pounds


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